Nearby Places

Nearby Places

karla caves

Karla Caves

Distance from the resort - 6 kms

Ideal time to visit - During summer and winter. All days of the week from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Karla Buddha caves commonly known as Karla caves or
Karli caves are an ancient Buddhist cave shrine situated at Karli. After climbing nearly 300 stairs you reach the intricately carved prayer hall- Chaityagriha, one of the largest monuments in India. The cave complex takes you all the way back to the second century marking the presence of the Buddhist monks. To experience absolute nirvana, you can visit the temple at the entrance, every corner here emits peace and positivity..

Lohagad Fort

Distance from the resort - 11 kms

Ideal time to visit - Especially during monsoon season between June to September.

One of the many hill forts of Maharashtra is Lohagad fort
(iron fort). Over centuries this architectural marvel has witnessed the rise
and fall of several dynasties such as the Nizams, the Mughals and the
Marathas. Lohagad’s main attraction is the fortified spur named
Vinchukata which in Marathi means Scorpio’s sting due to its resemblance
to a scorpion’s tail.

lohgad fort

Bhushi Dam

Distance from the resort - 16 kms

Ideal time to visit - During monsoon season from July to September.

Bhushi dam named after the popular Bhushi lake, a
masonry dam built on the holy Indrayani river is an ideal picnic spot for a
weekend getaway away from the chaos of the city. The dam has steps
where one can sit and witness breath-taking views, bathe in warm
sunshine and enjoy the tiny waterfalls especially during the rainy
season. The dam situated in the backdrop of stunning hilly terrains of
Lonavala is also used for power generation by Tata Power.

Visapur Fort

Distance from the resort - 10 kms

Ideal time to visit - Between mid-June and end February.

Part of the Lohagad-Visapur fortification is the Visapur hill fort, at an altitude of 1084 meters above sea level. The natural marvel features ancient caves, underground reservoirs of water, decorated arches, antique wells and old houses. Along with gigantic carvings of Lord Hanuman, within the fort there are several temples dedicated to him. The rocky, forestry trail is shaded with tall trees and one can find water gushing down the stones as you trek upwards. The total time you will take to climb the fort is 2.5 to 3 hours.


Distance from the resort - 8 kms

Ideal time to visit - During October to May

Kamshet also known as the paraglider’s paradise is highly famous for paragliding as the name suggests. This place attracts adventure junkies with the thrill and excitement offered by adventure sports such as hiking, trekking, camping alongside paragliding. This region follows paragliding religiously as they have various paragliding schools that provide authentic training. Kamshet also features small villages that are built traditionally using mud and reeds.

Celebrity Wax Museum

Distance from the resort - 12 kms

Ideal time to visit - All day (9:00 am to 9:30 pm)

One of the most famous and earliest wax museums is the
Celebrity wax museum in Lonavala. You will find perfectly sculpted wax
statues of various famous personalities from all over the world. Prime
Minister Narendra Modi, Cricket God Kapil Dev, King Khan Shahrukh
Khan might not pose for a selfie with you, but their exact wax replicas will
surely do. Life size wax figures of famous people from the fields of film,
music, cricket, politics, etc. are displayed in the museum. Sunil Kandaloor,
the sculptor is an extremely renowned wax sculptor with various wax
museums to his credit across India.

Pawna Lake

Distance from the resort - 23 kms

Ideal time to visit - During the winters, from October to February.

Pawna Lake offers one of the best lakeside camping experiences in Lonavala. The artificial lake situated in a mesmerizing landscape is formed by the seized water from the Pawna dam. What makes this overnight camping experience magical is the soft grasslands below and the starry sky above with a hint of winter breeze throughout the year. Visiting this place during the winters is not less than a treat as one can enjoy evening barbecues by the lake along with boating and canoeing.

Tiger’s Leap / Tiger’s Point

Distance from the resort - 22 kms

Ideal time to visit - Throughout the year.

Tiger’s Leap is the heart of tourist attraction in Lonavala, nestled at an elevation of 650 meters above sea level. The vantage view acquires its name from its structure that resembles the shape of a leaping tiger. The prominent clifftop offers splendid views, an echo point,  lush greenery, lakes and waterfalls along with a cup of piping hot chai and a plate full of corn bhajis (fritters). Nature lovers are highly attracted by this captivatingly heavenly place particularly for the sunrise and sunset skies.