About Stolen Heaven

Welcome to stolen heaven

When you blend equal portions of coziness with comfort, add a spoonful of aesthetics and decorate it with generous amounts of nature, you get Stolen Heaven!

Resting amidst the Sahyadri Mountain range and located within an 80 acres Gated Community filled with different shades of green, Stolen Heaven Holiday Homes is your one-stop-destination to unwind, reset and rejuvenate. With myriad options of fully furnished service apartments and villas to choose from, this is the perfect place to Indulge yourself in quality time with families, friends or both. Whether you have an impromptu plan for an adventurous long weekend or a chalked-out itinerary for a short leisure trip, the quintessential weather of Lonavala and picturesque view of green surroundings, truly makes this property a slice of heaven!

Timeless ‘We’ Times:

‘Me Time’ is good, but ‘We Time’ with family & friends is the best!

Vibrant Vistas:

Blue skies, green forests, brown mountains, clean air, clear water and you. Now that’s a sixer!

Sumptuous Stays:

2 BHK & 3 BHK Holiday Apartments or 8 BHK Villas with Private Pool. The choice is yours!

Fully-Loaded Homes:

Each apartment is fully equipped with amenities and facilities for a regal stay!

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Nearby Places

karla caves

Karla Caves

Distance from the resort - 6 kms

Ideal time to visit - During summer and winter. All days of the week from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Karla Buddha caves commonly known as Karla caves or
Karli caves are an ancient Buddhist cave shrine situated at Karli. After
climbing nearly 300 stairs you reach the intricately carved prayer hall-
Chaityagriha, one of the largest monuments in India. The cave complex
takes you all the way back to the second century marking the presence of
the Buddhist monks. To experience absolute nirvana, you can visit the
temple at the entrance, every corner here emits peace and positivity.

Lohagad Fort

Distance from the resort - 11 kms

Ideal time to visit - Especially during monsoon season between June to September.

One of the many hill forts of Maharashtra is Lohagad fort
(iron fort). Over centuries this architectural marvel has witnessed the rise
and fall of several dynasties such as the Nizams, the Mughals and the
Marathas. Lohagad’s main attraction is the fortified spur named
Vinchukata which in Marathi means Scorpio’s sting due to its resemblance
to a scorpion’s tail.

lohgad fort